Planking Week Two March 2018

12- 16 March 2018

Monday 12th was wet and windy, but Snapper and Mat worked until the weather got too bad in the early afternoon. Greg B, Trevor and Brendan put down netting and found the staple gun from Lake  St.Clair worked well enough to make it worthwhile. The weather also drove them out.
On the Tuesday 13th it was misty most of the day and Greg K joined the track workers as they continued to progress towards the end of the moor. Adrian and Peter F unpacked the last of the timber and, after spreading it out, were left with just 2 spare planks. Adrian managed the staple gun despite it frequently not firing, and almost 100 metres of wire was placed.
Planking winding over the misty moor

Greg and Mat fitting a plank

Adrian placing staples

It was a more pleasant day on Wednesday, but some rocky sections slowed the planking work. Snapper, Mat and Greg were joined by Andy from PWS for the day. Thursday was a return to wet weather, but work went on and the last bit on the northern end of Windy Moor completed on a somewhat nicer Friday 16th

A short section of about 30 metres enclosed by thick bushes will be hardened.  This area tends to get muddy and there is just sufficient timber for the job, which is scheduled for next week when fine weather is expected to return.