Sudden Invasion

Marriotts Falls Track
Saturday 20 October 2018
The weather was not looking very conducive for working in the alpine area and when showers began whilst heading to Granton it meant working on the weeds was out of the question.
Our decision was to continue heading to Mount Field and hope the weather didn't turn out too badly and we would dig the holes for the plants on the Marriotts Falls track.

When we arrived at the site we noticed a host of foxgloves hollyhocks had grown up in the area including around the previous planting site, so our first task was to dig these out. Getting rid of this invasion took quite a while.
The foxglove invasion
Dug out foxgloves among the old plantings and Greg B

After that we got around to digging the holes for the plants, but 150 holes takes quite a while even with six of us. We finished not long after 1 PM and had lunch then cleared  out the weeds and grass around the old plantings before heading home.

New planting site with holes dug ready

Lunch time  Adrian, Greg B, Greg K, Howard and Lucinda

Whilst working we noticed a lot of people going on the walk to Marriotts Falls; at least 20 in all.  The walk may be more popular than we thought and perhaps some work on upgrading the muddy section in the forest should be raised up the task list.

The weather, where we were at least, was quite pleasant so we had made the right decision in not cancelling the work.