Planking Final

Wednesday 21 March 2018

The final 30 metres of planking was done, using up the remaining planks. The location was at the very southern end of Windy Moor surrounded by thick bushes. It was always marked as a potential place for hardening because it often becomes quite muddy. In fact, knocking the support posts in proved to be easier than most other spots on the moor.
Last section added   - At beginning on Windy Moor southern end

Since the work began 900 metres of planking has gone down in 15 days of work spread over a month. The planking looks good as it winds it way over the moor, with not any great length without bends to breakup the what otherwise could have been a straight line.  The stain helps blend the timber with the environment.

All that remains to be done is the wiring, which has been difficult because of the failure of the stapling gun.  At the best of times it was slower than expected because of the machine failing to fire. The first machine was so bad it was replaced by one borrowed, but that eventually broke and is waiting repair. Another has been borrowed and hopefully will allow work to proceed, otherwise manual stapling with hammers may have to be employed.