Rodway Shelter Hut

More than paint needed

Saturday 15 April 2017

Up until the early morning of the working bee it was uncertain if the weather would be suitable as sun at least 10° was needed and cloud with lower temperatures was predicted. However, the day turned out quite pleasant and sunny, but on meeting at Granton I realised I didn’t have the key to the jeep track gate.  A quick return home meant about 30 minutes was lost, which in the end didn’t cause much more than inconveniencing everyone because all the painting of Rodway Shelter was finished by lunch time.

The end wall facing northwest was left simply because it is in such poor condition that replacement is thought to be the only solution.  How and when this should be done is a matter to be discussed with Mount Field staff. It is a substantial task especially given the difficult slope that end is located on and the fact that bearer and parts of the frame also need replacing.  There are various construction options, including a pure replacement with timber, use of colourbond instead and a more open design allowing a view over the Tarn shelf. 
Lunch in the sun
Freshly painted walls