Rodway Shelter Hut Maintenance

Saturday 16 January 2010

The northern end of the Rodway Shelter hut was given a second coat of paint, for which we needed to have a solid ladder. It was hard work carrying the ladder in, so we resolved to try for a Wildcare grant so one could be left there for future maintenance work. The remainder of the hut was also given a further coat and the hut sign name was painted.

The firebox and chimney was removed and a small sheet of coloured roofing iron secured over the hole. A new notice board was erected and an older one moved to the opposite wall. The heater and chimney plus lots of rubbish were placed in a bag for helicopter removal; the bag is just above the hut on a rock area and should be easily visible from the air.

Some of the existing timber lying in the porch was used to make a frame to keep more of the weather and snow out of the porch. Outside timber will be placed on it shortly.

Two additional bags were taken to the Tarn Shelf gravel dump and filled with gravel for helicopter transfer to other side of the ravine.

Rodway and Tarn Shelf

Total of volunteer labour as per Australian Government valuation $1500