Gravel Bagging Tarn Shelf

Tuesday 5 January 2010
Gravel on Tarn Shelf was placed in three bags for moving by helicopter.  However there was still quite a quantity remaining and this will need another two bags.   The work will be done in conjunction with the next working bee on 16 January.
A section of the track that had been part of the original gravelling was previously noted to have a lot of gravel runoff that was gradually  filling in a small pool.  We placed a timber and rock backed border to halt this and placed the runoff gravel back onto the track.
A pile of galvanised nails was put in a 10 litre container for transport.
Bags of gravel upper site

Bags on lower site with the remaining gravel in front

Part of track before repair – the pool area on right is filling up with runoff gravel

Same site after repair and with additional gravel added

The container is completely full of galvanised nails