Lake Seal

Tuesday 30 June 2015

Lake Seal from the end of track


















A new section of boardwalk was installed. The frame had been constructed by Greg previously and 17 treads together with support poles were carried in and all was put together fairly quickly with the help of Adrian. An inspection of the track below there was done and a couple of damp spots noted, which would be best hardened, perhaps with gravel from the lake.

Adrian and Greg installing frame for boardwalk on Lake Seal track

The sign at the start of the side track to Lake Seal indicates that it takes 30 minutes to get there, whereas in reality it takes between 5-6 minutes of walking. A temporary plate will be taken in next visit to be placed over the 30 which indicates 5 minutes.

Immediately below the latest boardwalk installation there is another 5 metres of wet track that would be very hard to drain and it is proposed to take in timber to construct this extra length.

This work was done after we had made an inspection for a replacement track to Beatties Tarn.

New boardwalk installed on Lake Seal track













More photos including from the survey at Beatties Tarn on the same day are online. Click image below.

Beatties and Seal June 2015


Lake Seal was named after Matthew Seal, Commissioner of Fisheries, Tasmanian Tramp Number 11, p41.). Died at the Great Lake March 9, 1897. Chairman of Fisheries Board -- Walch's Almanac 1898. Historical Note: From J E Calders Diary it appears that the name Dismal Valley Lake was originally applied by Calder either to this or Lake Webster