Marriotts Falls Track Maintenance

Saturday 18 May 2013

Most worked on first section where the walking track commences on the land which had recently been logged.  Three drains were improved and rocks placed to better allow the flow of water. Some levelling of the ground was undertaken and soil from beside the track placed on it to help raise the low spots.  It would be most beneficial to obtain gravel to place on the surface.

The track was also cleared of any encroaching vegetation all the way to Marriotts Falls, including removing fallen wattle. 
Some Blackberry and other weeds including Holly on river bank were tackled, but some Holly remains. Erica was noted in one spot as well as numerous Hollyhocks.

During the latter part of the morning showers developed and it was decided that we would finish at early for the day and retire to the one of the shelters at the visitor centre for lunch in more comfort.  Initially we enjoyed some sun but eventually quite heavy rain fell and we felt the decision to move was made.

There was discussion on the merits of improving the marked route to the second falls, which was considered a suitable project for the group.


IMG_8265 Wet section

A wet section at the track start


IMG_8266 Working on track

Adrian and others at work levelling the track


IMG_8267 Working on track - Greg on drain

Greg at work on a drain, some gravely soil has been placed on the track, but after it rained the clay component became sticky.

IMG_8268 Working on track - Dave and Greg

Dave and Greg adding some soil to level the start of the track and fixing a drain