Lake Belcher Hut Repair

Wednesday 8 May 2013
The amount of work done was very pleasing   The northwest facing  wall was done by 11.15 and about 10 boards from the back wall off by lunch. A few boards from the front were also done as well as the four fascia boards. Also added a few roof screws as well. Improved the bunks and built a small table out of a few scrap leftovers.  There are only 9-10 boards left to be done. The hut (again! ) was quite messy. We left at 3 and I carried out the aluminium chopper rudder- bit of an effort but Greg was determined not to leave it behind.
Some sections  of the track will need trimming, not to mention a few litres of paint after a good rub off with a wire brush. A bit of snow around. I'll need to get some tuition re loading the photos. Dave suggested some flashing to finish of the fascias.

Close view of rotting timber

The wall after the old timber was removed

Three of the hut repair team, Greg, John and Dave