Fenton Webster Track Maintenance

on Saturday 20 Nov 10
The remaining section of vegetation needing clearing was at the far northern end of Lake Fenton just before the track reaches Kangaroo Moor. This was an area that had been relatively clear and would have been many years ago that work was done here. Some 115 metres was cleared back of encroaching vegetation and another 20 metres out on Kangaroo Moor was hardened with rock.
We knocked off work early and headed back to the visitor centre for a barbeque that was put on for us by the Mt Field staff.
Thanks to Brenda for the organising and preparation.
As for the weather; it was glorious. Sunny and pleasantly warm.
Photos from the day can be viewed on the web.

The section of track can also be viewed on a map at this link. Select Google map to get the best view.