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Saturday 17 August 2019

Clearing the woody weeds at the park entrance had been on our mind for some time. Work was first done in this strip of land seen on the left after crossing the railway track at the park entrance, in 2014. 

With snow up high this was a good time to deal with it and we were treated to a delightfully warm and sunny day.   Within the Bracken fern and scrub in the section of land we found a lot of Blackberry along with Spanish heath. There was also a deciduous tree with multiple trunks that was cut down, thought to be an Elderberry.

Howard and Peter O in the thick of it. Photo Sue

Cutting down the deciduous tree.  Shirley on the left, Greg and Peter.  Photo by Sue.
With the tree gone

It was after lunch before the work was completed and there were still some weeds under the slash on the first part of the land near the railway crossing. The section of revegetated   land bordering the straight road leading to the bridge over the river was then tackled and more blackberry removed and the pathway cleared of overgrowing vegetation.