Kangaroo Moor

Saturday 17 November 2018

After being unable to work in the alpine area for several months because of the weather, it was great to have a such a nice day this time. Flowers were good particularly Epacris and the scent from Orites, the birds were singing and it was a calm sunny day.
Epacris and distant Seagers Lookout

The first task was to saw up logs at the Lake Fenton dam wall, so they didn't block the water flow under the bridge. The logs  were then stacked nearby for PWS to use as firewood in the park.   Most of the work we did  was at the far end of Kangaroo Moor where the overgrown vegetation was cut back by Shirley and  Sue whilst Adrian did a fabulous job with the hedge trimmer, without having any relief.  Greg and Peter went down the track about 800 metres where Greg use the chainsaw on a fallen tree that we knew about.
Track before trimming

Track after trimming
After lunch we resumed work clearing the Kangaroo Moor section and by the time we called it quits 300 metres had been cut,  which was a pretty great effort.

Greg cut through another tree on the way back to the car park so in all it was a very productive day