Adding Wire

Wiring 27 March 2018

It was most pleasant weather at Windy Moor, which didn’t match its name on this day.  There were three of us and a very workable system was devised to make the work reasonably efficient.  Basically, it was one or two of us rolling out the wire and tacking it down at intervals, whilst the other person with second stapling machine came behind finalising the stapling process.  We managed about 250 metres for the day as well as Greg transferring timber from one end of the moor to the other.
Peter and Greg adding the wire  - Photo by Sue

Attempting the wiring, Greg and Trevor

Adrian placing staples

Greg and Adrian in discussion at Windy Moor
Greg stapling wire

Wiring 28th

There were plans to return on Wednesday, but they came unstuck. I took 2 of the batteries on Tuesday to recharge and told Trevor the updated story. He indicated that he proposed heading up to lay some wiring, so with a late rush I grabbed the batteries and drove to the visitor centre to meet him.
By the time we arrived at the work site on Windy Moor it was time for lunch and after that work commenced.  Despite the late start about 140 metres was stapled down. The Field stapler worked well and the borrowed one from the Huon less so, but still good enough to use.  The pattern from the previous day was followed, with Trevor pinning and me following on behind stapling the loose areas.
It was a little cool at first, but the weather gradually became sunnier and warmer. Before heading back to Lake Fenton, the timber at the start of the moor was bundled ready to lift to another site by helicopter.  
Approximately 200 metres of wiring remains to be done and this may be done on Tuesday next week 3rd April.  This is Trevor’s last day at work before he goes on holiday and he may help, if his injured calf is in good enough condition.

4 April

Well the weather took a short turn for the worse and the work delayed a day, The last section was done by John, our contractor, but the gas supply ran out before it was complete. A return on the next fine day, with a new gas supply saw the job finally finished.