Planking February 2018

Planking on Windy Moor

26 February 2018

Installing the planking began on the day the timber was flown to Windy Moor, but was interrupted when rain arrived  midway through the next day and rained on the Saturday. John and Mark, the contact team, resumed on Sunday
Greg K re-joined them on the Monday 26th and Greg B, Sue & Peter helped lay wire and unpack a timber bundle. The stapling machine was not working properly and that made the wire work very slow and tedious. The track layers had got the planking about 120 metres over the moor by the end of the day. Rock under the surface was causing considerable problems.
Mark drilling the hole for Greg to add the bugle screw

 27 February 2018

It was pleasing to see good progress had been made by the time  Dave, Rhonda and Peter arrived the next day.  We unpacked three loads of timber, with Dave & Peter putting the planks beside the track and Rhonda varying the associated timber.  The track layers, John, Mark and Greg, were joined by Andy from PWS and made very good progress over some of the muddiest and heavily braided sections.
By the time we left the distance planked  was a  ground distance  of 254 metres and that covered a straight line distance over the moor of 245m. That is 27% of the total distance of 910 metres.      
The track work was planned to go until midday Thursday, in which case a bit over 5 days of would have been worked.  But I suspect the weather intervened on Wednesday
Planking process, Andy, Greg, John and Mark

Getting levels Andy & John
Update from Greg
Greg provided an update and the weather did cause work to halt while a rain band went through midway on Wednesday. After it passed there was a window allowing more planking to be done, before thunder, lightning and heavy rain forced them to scramble for the tents. There was further work for half a day on Thursday, bringing the planking to the halfway point on the moorland.