Preparing the Ground

Marriotts Falls Track and Tyenna River Plantings

Saturday 15 July 2017

Our work today was twofold, preparing a site for planting and protecting plants being heavily grazed.

The planting site is along the track to Marriotts Falls where there is an open area previously cleared for farming. Children from Westerway Primary School will put in plants native to the area as a national Tree day project.  Some 140 holes were prepared in what is a quite sandy soil which was surprisingly dry.
At the planting site on Marriotts Digging the holes for plants   Sue, Dianna and Gaye

Whilst there a Holly tree was cut down but another   bigger one was left for another day.  One had strikingly yellow berries whilst the others were more an orange shade.

Improving the guards for the plnats Tyenna River at workshop area  Mount Field, Gaye, Dianna & Sue

With the holes out of the way, we moved to the Tyenna River plantings near the Mount Field National Park workshop to tackle the aggressive grazing of wallabies.   The plants were put in during November 2015 and had been doing OK but wallaby grazing was taking a toll.   Once section had additional tree guards added to the top of existing ones but on those not done the wallaby were simply forcing down the plastic guards to get at the plants.  Firmer hard plastic guards were added to increase the protection height and secured with cable ties.

Double guarded plants badly grazed by wallabies