Visitor Centre Area February 2017

Fall-Back Work
Saturday 18 February 2017
Originally it was hoped to paint the outside of Rodway Shelter hut on Tarn Shelf, but the predicted weather was a deterrent. On we approached it looked good with clear blue sky and although a brief shower did fall in the early afternoon, it was a surprisingly nice day.

Of the fall-back tasks near the visitor centre, we planted native Poa grass in the central strip in the car park.  Michael from PWS put in a temporary fence to dissuade people walk over the planting area, as it was obvious it had developed into a shortcut. 
Sue and Shirley at the last plant

The other work we managed was to weed plants that had been put in beside the Tyenna River in 2014.  Spare tree guards were double decked on some of these plants to make browsing harder, although in general the plants seemed to be surviving the wallaby attacks quite well.

While these jobs were being done, the two Greg’s walked along the Field East tracks to assess how the “you are here” signs, that we have just had made, would be best installed at each of the track junctions.  They returned with the methods to be used established, together with some on the spot approvals from Brendan (PWS). We are looking forward to putting these information signs in and hope those that walk on the tracks in the future will also find them helpful.
Replacement bridge for Lake Fenton track