Timber Staining

Wednesday 26 October 2016
Originally the plan was to move the planks, for the continuation of the Field East track, to the work site. However, there was no one available from Parks to assist in getting them to Lake Fenton, so plan B was to stain the top side of the timber. Brendan was keen to trial a stain to make them not so visually stark.
I had calculated the amount of stain needed from the published coverage specified, but there was not enough to go around all the planks, let alone for the second coat.  This raw timber soaks up paint, but still concerned that I had made a miscalculation consulted Adrian, who is very good with mathematics, and he came up with the same figure.  Although the second coat would no doubt be less absorbent, it is clear that at least double the quantity is needed.
The result was that the work was completed by morning tea break and we decided to drive to Maydena to check the location where plants for rehabilitation were to go at the start of the Junee Caves track and to walk along the new track section.  On return a check was made of the rouge pines beside the Marriott falls track; and there were a few; then see how the recent Westerway school kid’s plants were doing; they were looking well.

Back home in time for Adrian to mow his lawn.