The Kids Plant Tyenna River

Tuesday 17 May 2016
The kids at Westerway Primary School have been involved with a Wilds'Cool, which is a program promoted by Wildcare. Larissa, one of the Friends of Mount Field volunteers, was instrumental in starting the program at the school and we located an area of river reserve suitable for rehabilitation with native flora of the region that the kids could plant.
On this somewhat uncertain weather day, the showers ceased as we parked the car and then proceeded to remove thick turf to reveal the nice loamy soil.  Then as if it was timed perfectly the kids arrived and a bustle of activity started. They dug, planted, added their names to what they put in, grabbed tree guards and stakes and did a great job placing them.  Then followed what seemed one of the favourite activities involving getting a bucket of water from the river and giving the plants a good drink.

After they left we had enough time to work on a nearby pipeline easement to move some plants put in last year that were discovered to be above the pipe. Fortunately, none were too advanced and hopefully will survive the move; we think they will.

Westerway Primary School kids planting at Tyenna River