Centenary Event

23-24 April 2016
Friends banner
The 100 year celebrated with a Fagus Festival on 23-24 April 2016 and over both days it atrtracted a large crowd.  The big oval area near the visitor centre was virtually full on the Sunday and about two thirds full on the Saturday.  On the Sunday the food stalls ran out of food, such was the crowd.
There was free entry to the park for the weekend and Parks have set up a special website for the Centenary.  Here you’ll find Centenary snippets, stories of the people who cared so passionately about these parks, a fabulous gallery of historic and contemporary images and  the events calendar.

The Friends of Mount Field had a a gazebo with some details and photos of our activities and ran bushwalks to Beatties Tarn.


bevpwill@bigpond.com said…
What a good thing that a mountain has friends. Is that Peter and Sue Franklin hammering in a stake for a baby tree?