Beatties Tarn Reroute

Saturday 24 October 2015
We had a good day.  Weather was pleasant all day. We had morning tea and we soon had a plentiful supply of good rocks to place in the softer areas of the track . One member commented that it was  such a great place to work.   On our way in we noted how worn the track looked. A group from N.S.W. were impressed with our work.
Rocks done we headed down to Belcher's Track had lunch and trimmed about 200 metres. Knocked off at 3.00 and headed for coffee where we also had a look at the laid rocks and the boulders for the new park signage which includes a big rock ( 10 tonnes ) which was lifted in position with a 23 tonne excavator and 3 cubic metres of concrete.  Work has also started on the cafe extensions.
Parks staff mentioned that there has been a lot of public  interest about Beatties Tarn track.  A track junction sign for the track has been ordered and will installed later this year.

Greg B at the small potentially damp area now hardened with the rocks shown.

Greg K at Beatties Tarn contemplating the work remaining

Photos by Kate using our tablet camera