Fenton Webster Track - Accessing a Little Known Gem

Saturday 18 April 2015

In the high country at Mount Field National Park is the delightful but little-known Kangaroo Valley.   It just has such a nice feel about it and during the late spring and early summer months reaches the peak with a range of colourful wildflowers.

Kangaroo Moor
The Friends of Mount Field have been maintaining the access track from Lake Fenton through to Lake Webster, allowing the enjoyment of a scrub free walk through a variety of habitats.  The whole walk is relatively sheltered and takes about 2 ¼ hours one way for the 5.5k.
This latest working bee was on the section from the northern end of Kangaroo Moor where a 600 metre section was given a trim, small plants pulled from the middle and fallen limbs removed off the track.  We last worked here back in 2003 and most was still quite clear, but given that bauera is the main encroacher and grows vigorously, this trim means it will be another 5-10 years before a repeat is needed.
We worked uphill from a point 700 m along it and this left a short section of a bit over 100 m immediately below the end of the moor that will be scheduled for work sometime in the next 12 months.

Fagus with Lake Fenton

Fagus just turning with Lake Fenton

View of the track after it beiing cleared back further and typical of the downhill section

Section of track on the downhill section north of Kangaroo Moor

Greg and Adrian on the track

Greg and Adrian on the track