Fenton Webster Track Maintenance

17th September 2011

Report from Greg Kidd

The forecast was in our favour- 18 with northerly winds and rain later.  I suggested that Greg and Kerry go ahead track clearing while the rest of us set about to attach the galvanised wire mesh to the first section of duckboarding ( approx. 30m.) .  We completed the mesh in an hour and as we left to catch up with them we  wondered how far ahead they were. Fifteen minutes on we heard voices and tools being used - about every 10 steps  branches were cut up and dragged aside. It took about an hour for the 5 of us to clear the track just to get to Kangaroo Moor. We pushed on and stopped for lunch where Reg had cut a dead bough (approx 15 cm. dia.) last time. From there we cleared about 345m. And Reg cleared drains. Kerry and Greg B  pushed on and came across a big dead one in 3 pieces and decided it was too much for his axe and bow saw. And as the air was feeling heavy and clouds were getting darker (2.50) we decided to head back. Besides we needed to get to the Possum Shed by 4.30 !  
We had a great day and I'm very pleased with the work that we  all did……Greg

Photos from the day taken by Reg Hills

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