Field East Track Maintenance

Saturday 21 May 2011

A cover was placed over the top of the blocked off chimney at the Lake Fenton hut and two of the party laid wire mesh on the boardwalk soon after the start of the Fenton to Webster track.  The wire was not quite sufficient to complete the length of the more slippery section, leaving a few metres to go for there and the full length of the other one still to be done.

The remainder commenced work on draining and hardening the track just past the Seagers Lookout junction as well as trimming of vegetation in the area and up parts of the Seagers track.

Once we all back together  the party went on to the overgrowing section of track  beyond Windy Moor commencing at the turnoff to Mount Field East and leading on to Lake Nicholls. Some 200 metres of the overgrowth was cleared back and then the section back towards Windy Moor was done, including adding some rocks to fill a few wet areas.  Some rock was also put down at the edge of the open moor.