Lake Fenton Hut Maintenance

Saturday 18 Dec 10

Hut Maintenance - Most of the work was on the Lake Fenton hut where the walls and ceiling of interior rooms were given another coat of paint, together with the walls of the porch. A notice board and Perspex cover was attached with extracts from the history of the hut taken from the conservation plan. The fireplace which had recently been used was cleared of ash and then covered with a mesh which was attached to the wall with bolts. And a "do not light fires" sign placed on the wall, giving the reasons for not using the fireplace.

The exterior was given a final coat of preservative and oil was applied to the porch floor

Some boards were replaced on the boardwalk on the early part of the Fenton to Webster track, drains cleared and two small trees were sawn through and cleared off the Old Pack Track.

Guards to discourage animal browsing were removed from most of the bushes and trees that exceeded the height of the guards.

More details are on the FOMF web site        

Below Mt field volunteers  (see a photo album for more)

Just about to leave to buy some raspberries at Westerway  Dave, Sabine, Peter, Alan, Reg, Leigh, Kerry and Greg   Photos by Sue

The no fires sign in hut