Rodway Shelter Maintenance

Saturday 17 April 2010
The support for the entrance floor was strengthened with additional load bearer timber that was sourced from a stockpile on the Tarn Shelf. A frame to store the ladders on was also installed under the floor.  Chickenwire was extended over the remainder of the porch and steps to reduce the chances of people slipping.
Three sides of the hut were given another coat of Mission Brown, plus a coat on the front barge board and two coats on the back barge board.  The lettering on the hut sign was given another coat of yellow and the sign realigned.
The fire retardant wall cladding was sprayed with a sealant to minimise any dust and then unscrewed from the wall, packaged in plastic and dropped off at the visitor centre for disposal.  The back wall was then varnished as was the bench seats and much of the side walls until the varnish ran out.
At work on hut

The view of the Fagus from near the hut