Maintenance of Lake Nicholls Hut

In what could only be described as very pleasant weather we carried in eight replacement boards for the Lake Nicholls hut, together with other materials and tools.

The first task was to paint the roof of the Lake Nicholls and rust zones were treated with an inhibitor, additional roofing screws inserted and a coating of Green paint applied. The view onto the roof looks considerably nicer, better blends with the environment and of course has increased the life of the roof.

Five boards from the hut walls were replaced and the hut was given an additional coating of paint.

The lettering on Lake Nicholls Hut sign was painted. A notice board was installed with a display of some of the work of the group and a notice asking visitors not to light fires. Click her for the details of the notice board.

Several old sheets of roofing iron were carried out and left at the Lake Nicholls car park for collection by PWS.

Click for photos from the working bee

IMG_5414 roof before painting