Track Maintenance Field East

Saturday 9 May 09

The weather forecast for the day was not ideal, however it turned out not to be too bad with a few light drizzle spells that caused us to put the coats on at times. The Fagus was bright and colourful near Lake Fenton and on the lower section of the Field East track and we noted that the trampled area beside the boardwalk installed about 6 years ago was recovery very well. Some vegetation above the Seagers turnoff was beginning to need a trim and this will be attended to on future working bees.

On the high flat area prior to Windy Moor we continued with the hardening of the boggy areas of track and worked on an 80 metre length filling much of it with rocks, including a number of quite large ones that we had to roll to the site. Fortunately there were many flat and suitable rocks quite close to the track.

Photos from the working bee

If you are interested in helping or for more information

IMG_5326 Fagus Field East track

IMG_5313 Site 2 Before


IMG_5315 Site 2 After