Tarn Shelf

Saturday 17 Jan 09

Tarn Shelf - Track Maintenance - This was a day that gradually warmed from a brisk 5 degrees with mist to the mid teens when the sun eventually broke through.

Some 300 metres of track was worked on, including four sections over a metre in length that were completely hardened with rock. One of these sections was several metres long and looked most unattractive, but once a drain was installed and the surface rocked over it looked much more presentable. The remainder of a pile of hessian was laid, leaving a pile closer to the start still with a pile for future action.

From the point where we finished it is not very far to a good gravelled section. So far 1.4 kilometres of track from Rodway Shelter have had maintenance over four working bees .

Details and photos from the working bee can be viewed at http://picasaweb.google.com/mtfieldfriends/TarnShelf#

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Party on Tarn Shelf