Lake Fenton Hut Maintenance

Saturday 17 May 08

The missing wall linings inside were replaced with Radiata pine boards as was the missing parts of the ceiling linings, and once installed were painted to match existing boards.

The interior and exterior window sills, frames & sashes were given another coat to match and the windows cleaned of any paint marks. A second coat of paint was applied to the walls and ceilings of two interior rooms

A second coat of Madison Oil was applied to floor of porch and interior rooms.

Porch before and after

In order to protect the area inside the north facing room from water damage a bead of acrylic filler was inserted under the outside of window because water was seeping in due to the flashing shortfall.

A potential link between the Old Pack Track and the Lake Fenton car park was investigated. A link would allow people doing the Field East circuit to avoid 680 metres of road walking. The route checked out involved two sections between bends in the road with one road crossing. The first being some 90 metres with part existing benching and a short area needing movement of rocks. The part investigated on this day commenced at aprox 469745 and initially went through a lovely forest with little understory, including some very healthy King Billy pines, followed by a section with some large rocks interspersed and scrub. With appropriate equipment a track could be constructed and to maintain the standard of the related tracks gravel would be needed to make the surface both compatible and to encourage walkers from using the road.

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