Lake Fenton Hut and Old Pack Track

Saturday 19 Apr 08

The interior two rooms S1 & S2 of the Fenton hut were painted with acrylic G164 Everest and the inside window sills, frames & sashes with Cremorne. The outside frames were repaired using linseed oil base putty and a primer was added. During the priming process paint was allowed to adhere to the glass and will be removed in a week or so. All floor surfaces were treated with Madison Oil.

Measurements were taken of the boards on the porch side rooms area S3, S4 and S5 and Radiata pine boards will be purchased to be attached at a future working bee. Funds are available for most of this from the Wildcare grant.

The clearing, mostly Bauera, on the Old Pack Track between the bend in the Dobson Rd near Lady Barron Creek through to the end of work from the previous working bee was completed; A distance of 450 metres. The full 1060 metres has now been cleared, but minor drainage work remains to be done.

A temporary sign was added to the junction of the track with the Lake Nicholls

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