Fenton Webster Reroute

Saturday 31 Mar 07

The start of the Fenton to Webster track was rerouted to avoid it going close to the shoreline of Lake Fenton. Hobart Water did not like walkers going close to the lake and management plans for the area indicate that the shoreline track may be partially re-routed to minimise contamination risk from public use and through silt runoff.

The track now commences some 45 metres further away from the lake, off the Field East track where part of an old track was still visible. The reroute is some 22 metres long and is fairly level and only required removal of Leptospermum and Bauera. Several Fagus bushes were noted and the clearing of Bauera also exposed several juvenile Fagus plants which will become a feature of the new section. Small rocks were used to harden any soft ground and were also used to completely bridge over two small drainage spots to avoid any contact by walkers with water.

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