Lake Fenton Hut

Volunteer Work

Friends of Mt Field

Maintenance of Lake Fenton historic hut at Mt Field NP on Saturday 15 Mar 08

The outside of the historic Lake Fenton hut was given two coatings of preservative. The timber was very dry and it soaked up the mixture, even the second coat absorbed a lot of liquid, so all of our 20 litres was a used up. At the time of applying the preservative the timber looked damp, but once it had dried there was no discernible change in timber colour.

As the interior walls and ceilings of the two main rooms (S1 and S2 on conservation plan) were previously painted in an oil based finish, we gave them a coat of primer. The conservation plan suggests using an acrylic paint and this will be done on a future working bee.

On some occasion prior to 2003 a fire in the fireplace looks to have very nearly burnt the hut down and this clearly remains a problem area. The conservation plan suggests that the fireplace should be blocked within the chimney or above the chimney so that its function as a fireplace remains apparent and interpretation should include advice that the fireplace is inoperable with reasons provided. We feel that this action should be carried out soon and sign installed.

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