Rodway Shelter

Friends of Mt Field

Rodway Shelter Maintenenace at Mt Field NP on Saturday 19 Jan 08

The outside walls were all given a coat of brown paint and the front wall was given a second coat. The timber was in very poor condition and soaked the paint up very quickly and used up all our supply of 22 litres. The boards under the roof edge were also painted at back and front. The side A-frame roof edge boards were so rotted that they will have to be replaced. The exterior window sills at both back and front windows are so rotted that they also will need replacing.

The broken back window glass was temporarily stabilised with clear tape over the crack lines.

The interior windows sills were rotted and replaced with new timber.

The interior timber walls and bench seats were sanded and varnished.

Cleared ash and removed rubbish around fireplace.
A missing section of timber below edge of roof at the back of the hut was replaced.

A new display board with information on Mt Field was made by Greg Kidd and installed over the existing dilapidated board.

About 10 missing or broken treads on boardwalk between ski area and Tarn Shelf turnoff replaced.

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