Mount Field East

Saturday 11 November 2006

Bog now hardened
In what was absolutely glorious mountain weather we carried out maintenance work on the Mt Field East track where it crosses a heathy flat area with very poor drainage.   Some of the bogs there were quite bad, with the worst being 60 cm (mid thigh) deep with black watery mud.   Plenty of suitable rocks were close by so we were able to harden much of the most degraded section of about 60 metres.  This had been considerably braided by people trying to avoid the bogs  and we used one of these spots to take the track round one bog, but with remainder we rock filled the bogs.  The work also involved some vegetation trimming where it was closing in on the track.  It was fortunate that some largish boulders were just uphill from the deepest bog and we were able to roll them in.  The enormous effort and skill of Greg Kidd  enabled us to achieve our goal for the day.