Installing Signs

Tuesday 8 May 2018
We were keen to finish off the few remaining tasks on Windy Moor but there was only one day that we were free this week.  It also happened to be the best day weatherwise as well, but the problem was a bit of preliminary work was needed.  This put some pressure on Greg B, but he put off other chores to get everything done for the signs to go in.
An acknowledgement sign was placed at each end of Windy Moor and walk information signs at the Lake Fenton and Mount Field East (Lake Nicholls Track) carparks. We had hoped to put in small signs to mark photo waypoints, but the predrilled holes were too small and unfortunately this caused the drill bit to break.
Acknowledgment Sign at northern end of Windy Moor

Both Gregs preparing sign post

Acknowledgment Sign at southern end of Windy Moor

Some spots of safety wiring on the planks were somewhat loose and additional staples were hammered in. A follow up will be made later in the year to check the state of the wire, especially at section end points.

Greg adding extra staples

Below is the acknowledgement sign.

The walk information signs at the carparks

Lake Fenton carpark

Mount Field East carpark