A Couple off the Task list

Sunday 18 January 2015

The regular working bee for 17 January was cancelled due to poor weather and a bushwalk for the following day was also cancelled for the same reason. However the weather update on Sunday morning was not quite as dire and Greg and Peter decided to undertake a couple of tasks that had been waiting for a few months.

There was light snow on the mountain tops as we headed to Lake Seal to add the missing boardwalk treads. A new frame was also built for a wet patch and further treads will be taken in to complete it later. Drains were cleared and some tree limbs sawn through and moved off the track and a decent size tree across the track was patiently sawn through by Greg with a carpenters saw.

After lunch we went to shave the lake Nicholls hut door as it had become hard to open due to touching the floor. Whilst walking there, the work to place rocks in the wet area of the track near Beatties Tarn outflow was assessed. Large volumes of water were flowing and although the two drains were working well another diversion may be possible. Some rocks for the track task were available, and quite a number will be needed.

During the day we encountered several showers, including snow at times, and gusty winds. Except for the period on first arrival, the high country from the Tarn Shelf and above remained clagged.

We also did our bit for visitors by recommending where they might walk and also camp.