Lake Belcher Hut

Tuesday 26 November 2013
It takes quite a while to walk (2.5hrs) into the Lake Belcher hut so it was decided that a special working bee would be the best option.  We had 8 litres of paint shared between Greg B and Peter while Greg K carried in a notice board together with the tools he needed for maintenance jobs.

Some timber remained at the hut from the last time there and more cladding was replaced, including beside the entrance. The more protected eastern end was given two coats of paint as the timber was in reasonable condition and should last for quite a number years.  Another coating was put on the new western end which was looking good, although it was noticeable that shrinkage had occurred and there was not much overlap in a few spots.
Greg carrying notice board down the track
Greg Kidd with notice board and Greg Bell
now with the perspex cover approaching the hut

On the southern side the new timber there was painted again and then the remaining timber.  However even though this was painted in January 2011.  It was again in very bad shape and soaked up the paint so much that we ran out before being able to do it all.   Measurements were taken and at some time in the not too distant future we may seek funding to purchase and helicopter more timber in to the site.
The day was quite brilliant and fairly warm and to our surprise the track, including the notorious section over the buttongrass plain from the Humboldt River to the hut was not nearly as bad as expected.

There is a photo album online which can be viewed by clicking here or on the slides below.