Old Pack, Wombat Moor and Platypus Tarn Tracks Maintenance

Saturday  19 May 2012

As there was a good turnout for the day, we split into two groups. One lot of 4 went off to complete the drainage on the Wombat Moor track to the Woodland Mosaic, whilst the remaining 10 concentrated on the Old Pack Track.

By morning tea the clearing back of any overgrowing vegetation on the Old Pack Track was done. A temporary sign was also put in to provide directions for walkers. Alan suggested that the Platypus Tarn track was in need of a trim and we decided to tackle that. Once the work on Wombat Moor was completed the others joined with us on the Platypus Tarn work. However, the lesson learnt is that it is always handy to take the jeep track key as access would have got us to the track quicker.

The Platypus Tarn track was given the well needed vegetation trim for some 500 metres of the 730 metre length, plus some drainage work to take away the water running down part of the track. Having 14 people allowed quite a lot work to get done. The remaining length of track will be tackled next month.

Whist we were four walkers in two separate groups used the track, so it seems to be reasonably popular and they constituted a significant proportion of the people walking in the Lake Dobson area that day.

Before Site B Patypus Tarn TrackAfter Site B Patypus Tarn Track

Platypus Tarn track before and after Photos

An album of photos is on the web -  click the image below.   All photos taken by Sue

Platypus Tarn May 2012