Wombat Moor Woodland Mosaic Track


Saturday 18 February 2012

The 270 metre track to the Wombat Moor Woodland Mosaic is usually quite wet and parts are muddy.  To help overcome this a drain has been dug on the top side of the track from the woodland down towards the road for about 150 metres or so.  Two cross drains were put in and rock placed top and bottom to help stabilise the track and encourage water to flow across the track  Two old diversion drains were discovered and cleared then drains established from the track to join them.

In most instances the soil from making the drains was placed on the track.  It is hoped that gravel can be placed on top in the near future.

The remainder of the track is flatter and it is expected that the drain will need to continue to the road without diversion away to the side.

Whilst the track work was being done, others repainted the outside window frames at the Lake Fenton hut and some tree guards removed and stored between the Fenton dam and the hut.   More tree guards remain to be done and many have to be cut through as the bushes and trees have grown substantially through the sides.

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