Park Entrance Rehabilitation and Weed Control

Saturday 20 August 2011

The bank of the Tyenna River on the right hand side of the park entrance at the bridge was rehabilitated.  Plants native to the area were put in (10 Melaleuca squarossa 10  Leptospermum lanigereum plus 2 Acacia melanoxylon).  Guards and stakes were placed around the plants to protect them from grazing.
IMG_5510 After planting IMG_5511 After planting
Various weeds on the banks of the river to the southern bank on the western side of the bridge, particularly Broom was again worked on and a large volume of plants removed and then burnt along with those from the previous working bee. Erica and some Blackberry near the railway line beside the road into the park was cleared ; although plenty remains.  Piles of cut weed were left beside the road for Parks removal.