Fenton Webster Track

Kangaroo Moor and Northward

Saturday 16 April 2011

In the alpine area it was a beautiful calm and sunny Autumn day and a considerable pleasure to be at Kangaroo Moor, one of the gems of Mount Field.
The group split in to two with Dave, Sue and Shirley concentrating on the heath overgrowing the track between the creek at the northern end of Kangaroo Moor up to where the corded crossing point. This bit of track had not been worked on before by the group and had overgrown quite a bit.
Greg, Alan, Reg and Peter   worked on the section below the creek where the track starts downhill towards Lake Webster.   The creek crossing point was slightly changed to avoid having to step in the to cross and the tall thick vegetation trimmed, a drain was installed where water flowed out of a bank and down the track and the vegetation cleared back to the creek.

In all some 720 metres of track was trimmed. 270 below the creek and 450 on Kangaroo Moor.

Before Looking South Kangaroo Moor SiteAfter looking south Kangaroo Moor Site

Before and After Kangaroo Moor

Drain with water exit to right Drain 1 site

New drain

Section of 720 metres trimmed back at edge of Kangaroo Moor and northward along track towards lake Webster



An album from the day can be viewed online