Lake Nicholls Track Maintenance

Saturday 17 July 2010
The early part of the Lake Nicholls track from the Dobson Road to the old Beatties Tarn track was cleared back of encroaching vegetation.  This mostly consisted of Bauera but other bushes were also closing in closer.  One bonus when removing some areas of Bauera was to find healthy Prionotes underneath and being able to expose it to view.   The remainder of the track to Lake Nicholls was also given a trim, but there was not nearly as much needed doing on that section.
A sign was also placed at the  northern end of the Old Pack Track close to where it meets the Lake Dobson Road, to mark the track destination.  A cross drain was also deepened part way along to help avoid water overflowing onto the track.
The track after clearance
IMG_3811 Cleared track

The sign placed on the Old Pack track.
IMG_3810 Sign at Fenton end of Old Pack Track